Collaborative Helping

A revolutionary approach to family-centered services

Collaborative Helping is a new framework that puts families at the center of strength-based, culturally responsive partnerships. The Family-Centered Services Project (FCSP) provides training and consultation at a front line level, a supervisory and leadership level and an organizational development level, consultation and organizational development to enhance agencies’ ability to develop more respectful and responsive services.

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FCSP offers inspiration and technical assistance

We support you and your organization so that you can engage in a revolutionary approach to helping efforts that will radically change your own practice, your interactions with the people you serve, and the context in which you work.

The Family-Centered Services Project offers consultation and coaching to help community and government agencies build institutional structures and organizational cultures that fully support more respectful and responsive ways of interacting with families. 

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Training in Mental Health, Child Welfare, Health Care and Educational Settings

We offer trainings at frontline, supervisory and management levels to support effective, collaborative family-centered services. These trainings can fit into 2 hour, half day, full day and multi-day lengths. They can also be combined into multi-day trainings and customized to fit to your particular context. We will also work with you to develop other relevant trainings.

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