About The Family Centered Services Project

FCSP – A Multi-Level approach to Building Family-Centered Agencies

Around the world, community and government organizations in mental health, social services, health care, and education are developing new frameworks to put families at the center of collaborative, strength-based, culturally responsive services.

The home of FCSP

The Family Centered Services Project (FCSP) is dedicated to inspiring, supporting and enhancing agencies’ ability to develop family-centered philosophy and practice through training, supervision organizational consultation, and ongoing coaching and technical assistance.

Our Approach

Developing an organization that is fully embedded in family-centered philosophy and practice can be quite challenging. FCSP offers training, supervision, coaching and organizational consultation to help mental health, social services, health care and educational agencies embrace and sustain family centered philosophy and practice. Our approach is collaborative­designed to help your staff and administrators feel empowered, engaged and energized about new learning and new approaches, and to create a high-level of buy-in across all levels of your organization. The framework that guides our work draws from a variety of field-tested, cutting-edge theoretical models and is guided by the following principles:

  • Striving for cultural responsiveness and honoring family and community wisdom
  • Believing in the possibility of change and building on family and community resourcefulness
  • Working in partnership with families and fitting services to clients rather than fitting clients to services
  • Engaging in empowering processes and actively eliciting client feedback

Outcomes and Benefits

Family centered services are clinically effective, fiscally efficient, and in high demand. Family advocacy groups have called for just such an approach. Empirical research has documented the centrality of constructive helping relationships for good outcomes for families. And, professionals report that this approach makes their work more effective and also contributes to energy and hopefulness. Organizations that develop institutional structures and an organizational culture embeds a commitment to family-centered throughout the workplace experience a high-level of staff empowerment, buy-in, and productivity.