Counseling Services

A Description of Bill Madsen’s approach to helping individuals, couples and families:

William MadsenFor 35 years, I have worked with individuals, couples and families in many different contexts dealing with many different problems. I hold an assumption that people are more than the sum of problems that have come into their lives and start by getting to know them outside of those problems. Rather than beginning with a focus on the problem and what caused it, I’m more interested in looking forward to your hopes for life ahead as well as the obstacles and challenges that might stand in the way and supports that might contribute to you achieving those hopes and vision.

I don’t see myself as an expert on how you should live your life and tend to not offer a whole lot of advice. My expertise is asking questions that will help you think your way through challenges and open possibilities neither of us could have previously anticipated.

Despite extensive professional training, my most powerful teachers have been clients. If this feels useful, I look forward to meeting you, anticipating what I will learn from you, and trusting that this process will be very helpful to you. I’m glad to respond to any questions you might have.

My Tree House Office
A view of Bill’s “treehouse” consultation room